7 Mobile Apps Your Startup Desperately Needs

In an online era driven by apps and computerized programs, it is easier than ever to advance and succeed, getting the most of the product or service you are offering. Startups, on the other hand, are one of the most promising organizations in the new millennium. There are tons of examples of startups who made the world a better place and helped us in certain aspects of life.

Still, what does every successful startup have in common when it comes to using the latest apps and programs? In other words, is there a certain poll of mobile apps that are designed to help startups in their journey?

The answer is yes – and today – we are listing the 7 most popular apps for startups below.

1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft has advanced a lot over the past years in the mobile app department. The Microsoft Power BI app is a great example for that, giving startups a wide variety of ways to monitor their real-time data, trends and all the other valuable aspects in their marketing campaigns. You can track your business performance, overall spending and more.

2. X-Cart

A lot of startups are concerned with the idea of selling their products or services online (eCommerce) at some point in their life. X-Cart is the perfect solution for that. Although this mobile app is only available for iOS, it is the perfect way to organize your SEO friendly product catalog, optimize your products or services for SEO or check your dashboard for sales stats and current orders. In other words, it’s the best on-the-go eCommerce app for startups.

3. Evernote Scannable

Startups who use Evernote on a daily basis love living in a paper-free and more organized world. Truth is, this app is the perfect solution to the conventional problems regarding printing and scanning. Evernote Scannable lets you scan business cards, documents, meeting notes and all kinds of paper based files from the comfort of your mobile device’s camera. Completely free and available on both Android and iOS.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been the king of corporate social media for years – and is about to rule the world of startups for many more to come, eventually. If your startup is not using this app, you are missing on a lot of new opportunities. From searching for new talent to tapping into new audiences and spreading the word about your startup idea, LinkedIn can help you scale in a number of ways.

5. Google Drive

Known as the ultimate online go-to library that you can access from any device, Google Drive is synced to your email account only – and can help you boost your productivity by thousand percent. You can create all kinds of files on Google Drive, from Docs to Sheets and other in-drive apps. You can upload photos, documents and basically all formats. The best part with this app, though, comes with the collaborative use. Sharing the documents and allowing real-time editing is a real ease, which is perfect for all the last-minute updates to your business plan.

6. Slack

Slack is probably one of the most widely used mobile apps for startups in the new era. It is known as the ultimate business collaboration and messaging app that helps teams of all sizes and types. Some of the basic features include chatting with employees in large, sharing files or creating custom groups per project and enjoying the private conversations. Slack comes with 5GB of file storage per device and also supports GIFs and emoji’s – something that every startup member loves, right?

7. Audible

Want to get motivated and actually ‘listen’ to a book while commuting?  Audible is the app for that. You can get inspired and start reading books in another way (through your ears) while commuting, hiking or just enjoying in your office chair. Audible is making you look like you are reading books, however doing that in the easiest form possible. The app also lets you take notes on your cell phone and add comments for yourself on the book you are reading

A Final Word

The bottom line is that startups are known to progress quickly, which is why they should always be resourceful, intuitive and creative when it comes to apps and online tools. So, what apps are you actually using from these – to make the most of your organization and productivity?

If you are falling short on some (or all) of these, make sure to download them today and enjoy scaling your startup!

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