Why Startups Should Hire Freelancers

In a digital era full of talent, not exploiting the possibilities of the online labor equals to a lot of missed opportunities. And if you are a fresh and bright-eyed startup, chances are that you need some help with the marketing side of things.

Having a team handling your digital marketing initiatives is great – but not as cost-effective and efficient as a bunch of freelancers. The truth is, budgeting freelancers really pays off, and the advantages are numerous.

Speaking of which, here is how freelancers help startups:

1. They are cheaper than hiring employees

Startups know that hiring a team of employees comes at its own price. Hiring freelancers on the other hand does not include taxes, insurance and workers’ compensation plans. On top of that, the startup can save on office space and pay only for the specific things it needs done – as simple as that.

2. They are a perfect option for when you don’t have time

Every startup nowadays is pushed with time issues, deadlines and dates. In other words, startups are teams of busy people. As such, they need someone they can rely on and someone who won’t put pressure on them. That is why a freelancer can be amazingly helpful for startups. Even if it’s a virtual assistant that manages all the administrative tasks – it really comes as a great bang for the buck.

3. They are specialized in what they are doing

An employee in the marketing division of a company may not necessarily know the latest trends in the industry and how to adapt to them. However, a skilled freelancer helping a startup is a person who knows all the ins and outs of a particular service. Whether that service is social media, email marketing or writing copy that sells.

4. They are perfect for easy commitment

Let’s face it – spending a month laboring over a notion of full time employees demands some commitment, not to mention the time potentially lost if there is no perfect candidate for that. That is why startups decide to simply hire freelancers and move on with no hard feelings. If the job is done right, the collaboration continues. And if it isn’t, there are always new doors the startups can knock on.

In a world full of startups, choosing the right team of freelancers is still not an easy pill to swallow. However, it is one that is definitely worth it. So, have you started looking for skilled freelancers yet?

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